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The best of Exploring Consciousness

20 Years of Awakening

The Best of 

Exploring Consciousness


Thank you to all audiences for celebrating

20 years of Awakening with us!

31 January – 7 February 2016

What does it mean to be human?

Our closing night (Labia packed to the maximum!)
with Craig Foster, Mbali Marais and Kevin Naidoo
was inspiring, relevant and heart-warming.

if you have missed some movies - please see on the right this week's screenings at the Simon's Town museum.


For 20 years Exploring Consciousness has posed

this question through film.


Opening Night Sold Out
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WHAT A MILESTONE! Exploring Consciousness has performed a public service in providing Capetonians with a cinematic must for all seeking greater spiritual awareness whatever their faith tradition, or lack of it. The Labia, too, must be congratulated on making its auditoriums available for the sort of factual and inspirational movies.
Long may they continue not only exploring consciousness, but widening our own.

- An habitué: John Scott
former editor of the Cape Times, now Die Burger columnist.



Closing Night


Seachange & Return To Origin

A multi-media presentation by Craig Foster, Mbali Marais & Kevin Naidoo

Ticket: R90 includes complimentary drinks + light Malay snacks from 5.30pm.

 SeaChange is a unique project combining some of the world’s top natural history and ethnographic photographers and filmmakers with the world’s top scientists from a broad spectrum of scientific knowledge. The presentation offers an update of their work: footage from the ocean where Craig spends some 3 hours every day (without a wetsuit!) The activity around False Bay has seen the area declared a Hope Spot – part of Sylvia Earle’s TED Wish Campaign – which has yielded examples of three entirely new species in the last year.

In addition Craig will introduce an exciting new venture with Khoi Khoi medicine woman Mbali Marais and African entrepreneur Kevin Naidoo called Return to Origin, an NPO designed to mentor young Africans, by teaching them original history and indigenous knowledge, enabling them to become future ambassadors of a new generation. Magnificent photography, lively discussions, inspiring event!

 Presentation led by Craig Foster
filmmaker, writer, director, editor for more than 25 years. (

Wine courtesy The Drift

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