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Tana Bana

A film by Pat Murphy. Varanasi, Eternal City of Light, India, 2015. 78 minutes

Tana Bana

A film by Pat Murphy. Varanasi, Eternal City of Light, India, 2015. 78 minutes


Sunday 5 November at 4pm (please note time)
Labia Theatre
Ticket: R60

The acclaimed Irish filmmaker Pat Murphy will be in attendance.

"The warp and the weft of the silk weaving.
The warp and the weft of time and space."

Read more about Pat Murphy
and co-producer and researcher Annie Dibble.


TANA BANA is a weaving term meaning 'the warp and the weft'.

In Varanasi, the legendary Hindu city, it also means the warp and weft of time and space as well as the daily synergy of Hindu and Moslem. So this vast interdependent view of reality is rooted in an activity which has kept this city alive for thousands of years.

But now Varanasi is under threat. If a single weaver can operate four power looms at the same time and the weavers are unable to teach their skills to their children, how can the city survive?

This unique, intimate documentary takes us on a journey through a day in the life of Varanasi, challenging preconceptions as we move into the heart of the labyrinth of lanes behind the river. From Hindu prayers on the Ganges at dawn, the film takes us into a Moslem world where the hidden lives of women and children are gradually revealed and where the weavers attempt to address the huge forces dominating their lives.







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