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The House that Carol Built

A film by Colin and Laura Graham. Manali, Himalayas, India. 2017.
Running time: 62 minutes

At Simon's Town museum
Thursday 22 February at 11am
Ticket R30 at door.

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What limits us? Is it age, gender, money? What if it’s all three and you still decide to take on the impossible?

This is exactly what Carol Fraser did after befriending Chetan, a local rickshaw wallah working in the northern city of Manali in Himachal Pradesh, India. 
At the age of 76 she embarked on a mission to build a house for herself, Chetan and his family of dalits, formerly known as untouchables.
Together they hatched a plan to build the house of their dreams,
funded by an altogether alternative money making scheme, a journey into the high Himalaya and the friendship of a taxi driving monk.

   OUTCASTE is a unique story of faith, courage and magical thinking.  A story of how the dream of finally having her own home, and a family to support her comes true for an elderly English teacher.
It’s ‘The Marigold Hotel’ meets ‘Lost Horizon’. 

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People make mistakes in life through believing too much. But they have a damned dull life if they believe too little.
- James Hilton in 'Lost Horizon'

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