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Brother Sun, Sister Moon

Francis of Assisi's early life - the first drop-out!

Brother Sun, Sister Moon

Francis of Assisi's early life - the first drop-out!
(original title: Fratello sole,  Sorella luna)

Director Franco Zeffirelli. 1972

 Sunday 20 December at 6pm

at the Labia

Ticket: R50

Book with the Labia on 021 424 5927

Running time: 116 minutes

Watch the trailer here

An inspiration over Christmas for the whole family


This is a dramatisation of events in the life of St Francis of Assisi from before his conversion experience through his audience with the pope, including his friendship with St Clare.

The film focuses on the early years of Francis of Assisi.

He bravely sought communion with the natural world by renouncing his family’s riches to seek his own destiny unencumbered by material possessions. Francis was , in a sense, history’s first “drop-out”: he left a life of comfort to seek a spiritual union with the world.

Created in the 1970s by director Franco Zeffirelli (Romeo and Juliet, Jane Eyre) the film remains relevant, especially over the Christmas time. The cameo role for Alec Guiness as Pope is a gem.





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