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Sand Mandala

Simon's Town museum, Court Road

25-29 September 2018

Four Tibetan monks visit Cape Town to create an exquisite painting
made up of millions of grains of coloured sand.  They are accompanied by a Tibetan doctor and an astro scientist.

Intro: Tuesday 25 September at 6 for 6.30

Geshe Lobsang: The mandala principle,
plus short talks by Dr Tenzin (medical) and astro-scientist Mrs Lhamo
(no public viewing on Tuesday)

Opening ceremony with prayers and chants: Wed 26 September at 9am

Closing ceremony with prayers and chants: Sat 29 September at 6pm
with the ritual sweeping up of the mandala symbolising impermanence, and pouring into the ocean

Public viewing daily from Wed to Friday 10am to 4pm
and Saturday extended to 6pm

Entrance to all above by donation

Please see article in online magazine WeekendSpecial

Parking at the museum is restricted.
Please find parking in Main Road (St George's Street).

Young baristas will be selling their brands of coffee. A shop will sell prayer flags, malas, incense, books etc.

For more info on the sand mandala visit in South Africa, please click here.

For workshop by Tibetan doctor Sat 29 Sept, please go to

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This creative mandala is preceded by some movies

Simon’s Town Museum

 19-21 September. R35

Wed 19 Sep at 2pm
Compassionate healing: Tibetan Medicine
(58 minutes)
This is a comprehensive overview by Men Tsee Khang, the medical and astrological institute in Dharamsala.

Thurs 20 Sep at 11am
Wheel of Time
(2003; UK/Germany/France; 80 minutes)
Werner Herzog’s beautiful film explores the Buddhist Kalachakra initiation: the creation of a sand mandala. Interviews with the Dalai Lama show him not on a platform discussing contemporary issues, but what he is really here to do: praying with 1000s of pilgrims. Footage includes some secret rituals and a pilgrimage to the holy Mount Kailash in Tibet. Powerful soundtrack of Tibetan music and monks’ chanting. “Astonishingly moving” - BBC

Thurs 20 Sep at 2pm
Lost World of Tibet
(2008; 90 min, BBC production)
Dan Cruickshank presents this illuminating documentary about life in Tibet prior to the Chinese occupation of 1950. Colour films dating back to that period have been carefully restored, revealing significant details about Tibetan culture and giving insight into the Tibet of today.

Fri 21 Sep at 11am
Blessings: The Tsoknyi Nangchen Nuns of Tibet
(2009; 104 minutes, some subtitles)
The film narrates the compelling story of hundreds of yoginis keeping alive ancient enligtenment practices (under unimaginable conditions) and the profound influence they had on a group of westerners. Narrated by Richard Gere and interview with Tenzin Palmo.

Fri 21 Sep at 2pm
Yogis of Tibet
(2002; 77 minutes; subtitled)
Yogis with vows of secrecy speak openly for the first time, due to their desire to preserve the centuries old yogic traditions for posterity. Yogi: ‘an individual who has spent years in isolated retreat practicing secret self-transforming physical and mental exercises.’

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